Hello June,

I can feel it friends... this is going to be a great month! It's the beginning of summer and kids all over the country are getting out of school. Plus this month we celebrate Father's Day. I have to admit it, I love just about any holiday and being able to celebrate something. Maybe it's because I love partying? Maybe it's because it gives me something else to scrap? who knows... I just love holidays. How about you?

I have some big news. Not only is gcd over at Scrapbook.com, but now they are over at 
Stop and Scrap.com . I'm so trilled about this and knowing that you can get our collections online. Plus Stop and Scrap has an amazing deal on the papers and pads. Oh they even have our 8X8 pads.
So go buy some papers and when you make something with them .... share it with us @ hsonboul@gcdstudios.com

How can you get in The PaperCut Magazine?
It's simple email me your best gcd projects and you might end up in the readers gallery. Last month we were thrilled knowing that our second issue had over 15,000 viewers AND we are on the top 4th best issues for home and hobby. Isn't that so exciting?! I sure was excited about it. Now that I'm working on this magazine I have such respect for editors. Creating the magazine take so much work and effort from so many people.
The June issue is bigger then last months and it's even better. I'm in love with the cover and it focus on Father's Day... Here is a little peek at it


This issue has an amazing Father's Day Gift you can make with the kids and you are going to LOVE IT! Trust me... it's totally fresh and new! 

In short, make sure to check out The PaperCut's new issue and check out all our new collections over at 
Stop and Scrap.com. THANKS for being a part of gcd and taking the time to visit our blog!


  1. Such exciting things happening!!! Loving that your papers are at those online retailers and can't wait for the next issue!!!

  2. What about the embellishments for the Splendor collection? Scrapbook.com never got the alphas, chipboard, brads, paperclips, etc. And Stop & Scrap doesn't have them listed either. I WANT! I just have to complete my Splendor collection!

  3. Sadly the embellishment won't be made. We had a lot of issue with the company that were making them. If something changes... I will let you all know.
    Trust me... I'm 100% sad about this news!