Triangle Week: Ombre/light to dark

So for my (Penny Smith) take on triangles this week, I decided to try to "weave" my triangles into a "chevron"/zig zag pattern. I think it turned out OK!
 (Let me know what you think. I like things simple... and cutting squares in half, was pretty simple!)

So to start, I had NO idea how many triangles I was going to need! But that is how I roll... eyeball and play!

So I cut 2 inch squares, and cut them in half. That's it! Now time to place them! Using one strip of adhesive (you may be able to see it in the picture...) just enough to place them, but not so much I couldn't get them up if I wanted to move them about!

I first envisioned two rows. But it wasn't looking quite right... so I kept going.
(I also started with 3 of each color, then decided on 2 more each.)

I decided that the tips of the triangles, where they overlapped, should overlap "every other" for more interest... does that make sense? Now keep in mind, I am no perfectionist. If I was, well, I don't think crafting would be my gig. So everything may not be 100% lined up. I'm good with that. It's how I roll.

So I decided, following the "designer" handbook, I went with 5 rows. (3's or 5's... no even numbers! LOL! Yeah. Right.) So after I placed all my triangles in a row (envisioning ducks all of a sudden) I decided to sew them down. Adding some linear interest?

All it needed now was some pictures and some embellishment. And there ya have it!
A blanket of triangles!

Oh YEAH!!!! Remember the "Ombre"?? Well, I used three GCD papers (see below) to make a progressively dark to light background. NOW there ya go! Triangles and Ombre! Ole!

Thanks for stopping by!

(Supplies: Country Charm: Farm Field Stripe #1506, Weekend Dun #1515; Bonjour!: Au Revior #1533; Storybook: Storybook Alphas #1743, Storybook Cards #1744)


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh this is AWESOME!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee how you did that background!!!

  2. Great idea and layout. Thanks for sharing your process on putting the triangles together into that great background.