A Month of ABC - Rr

Hi there!

Today's letter is R as in ruffles and I'd like to share a simple way to dress up a store bought bucket or basket by adding some paper ruffles.

1. Start with a plain basket or bucket. I used this blue tin I picked up from Target for $1.

2. Cut a strip of patterned paper and loosen it up by wrapping it around a dowel, pencil, paintbrush or similar item several times. This breaks dow the grain of the paper making it easier to manipulate.

3. Add adhesive to the outside of your bucket (or basket) and begin folding the paper into irregular pleats as you adhere it.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 with a second piece of patterned paper.

5. Cover top edge with a strip of burlap and set aside.

6. Cut a 1" strip of patterned paper, loosen it as in step 2  and gather with your fingers along one edge.

7. Flatten and adhere to a small scrap of paper to form a rosette.

8. Tie a bow with a strip of burlap and top with rosette and button.

9. Adhere to the bow to your project to finish it up.

Patterned Papers: (Vintage Wallpaper, Strawberry Jam, Picnic Basket from the Country Charm collection) GCD Studios,  Wooden Button: American Crafts, Crochet thread (red) Coats & Clark, Burlap: remnant from fabric store, Bucket: Target

I filled my finished bucket with goodies for my son to take to his new teacher: a fresh apple from our tree, homemade apple butter and some premium pencils to say hello!

So what do you think? Will you give this easy technique a try?

Have a great day everyone!

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