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  Tracy Schultz GCD August1 Quilted Note

 One of my favourite techniques is to make paper quilt cards. You can make them out of any decorative paper, even scraps! Which makes them both practical and fun. I'm sharing two quilted cards with you today that will hopefully inspire you to make some of your own.

  Tracy Schultz GCD August2 Quilted Note close-up

 First up is my go-to quilt card. I simply take 1" squares of a favourite patterned paper. Here I'm using GCD Studio's Country Charm collection. I lay the squares out on my table top and play with the arrangement until I'm satisfied with it, then adhere them to a scrap of cardstock. After that, I use my paper piercer to pierce a border around the paper quilt. Then complete the faux-stitch look by connecting the dots with a marker or pen from my stash.


 Here's a better visual step-by-step for any of you that might be interested. I hope you can see a little more clearly what I mean! [GCD Studios Country Charm #1505, #1515]

  Tracy Schultz GCD August4 Sew How's Things

 My second card uses much smaller squares- these are only 1/2" in size. And instead of a random arrangement of patterns, I laid these out like an actual quilt. If you search the internet or Pinterest for quilts, you will find thousands to inspire you.

  Tracy Schultz GCD August5 Sew How's Things close-up

I wanted the paper quilt to take center stage on this card, so I cut it out and popped it up on dimensionals. Then kept the rest of my design simple. You can play around with the patterns and combinations to make some really beautiful paper quilts. Have fun with them! [GCD Studios Country Charm #1509, #1510, #1511]



  1. These are GORGEOUS!! I loveeeeeeeeeee the quilt design and the stitching!!!

  2. These cards are really cute...thanks for sharing how you did this.