A Month of ABC's - Ee

The letter E is for eyelets. And, if you ask me, eyelets are just plain fun! When I first really fell hard for scrapbooking, eyelets were "the embellishment." I remember many of my friends (myself included) falling hard for them. We amassed them by the dozens (well, 100s)! If you are like me, you still might have some eyelets in your stash. A fun way to use these little embellishments up is to make circles with them. All you need to do is: punch a couple circles from patterned paper and cardstock. Punch an eyelet or two through them and then add a little string to them. I made several circles with eyelets and used them on this simple 4U card.


 I brought red string though two of the circles and wrapped it around the outside of the circle. You can't see it, but there's tape holding the string in place on the backside of the circles. For the third circle, I wrapped the string around the circle and then tied a bow.


 I also used eyelets to make circles for my XO card.


I got a little more adventurous here, adding two eyelets to a couple of the circles.


My favorite is the second circle where I brought string through the two eyelets and then tied a bow between them. It's such a simple, but cute and happy way to finish a card. Supplies: Country Bloom paper - Country Charm; Strawberry Jam paper - Country Charm; Farm Field paper - Country Charm; Sweet Floral paper - Country Charm; Picnic Basket paper - Country Charm; Weekend Fun paper - Country Charm; Tiny Floral Border paper - Country Charm See you again soon!

  Teri Anderson 2012 GCD Studios DT, Teri Anderson 2012 GCD Studios Card Gal


  1. How fun to use up those eyelets!!!!! These are BEAUTIFUL!!!

  2. Love the way you threaded the eyelets! What a great way to use some of those "outdated" embellies. :)