I love the Chip Art tool and I have really enjoyed finding new ways to use it for crafting. Today I am sharing with you a fun new way to craft with it using leather. I saw these leather bracelets at a local craft store and wondered if they could be embossed with the Chip Art tool. So I bought them, brought them home and started playing. And what do you know? It worked!!! It is a very simple process that I will share with you now. All you need are your Chip Art Block, Mallet, Spray Bottle and your choice of Chip Art Stamps.
Begin by lightly misting the leather to soften it. Then simply place the stamp of your choice where you want it and pound away. It is exactly the same technique you use with chipboard. Here I started the design with a couple flower stamps.
I then continued to add varying sizes of flowers, butterflies and leaves until I had the look I wanted. I also stamped my initials there on the end!
Next up is another example just on a different color of leather. I added the word "create" after I finished creating the butterfly pattern.
Chip Art Alphabet Stamps: Sparrow Lowercase
Chip Art Ornamental Stamps: Mini Shapes, Butterflies, Bloom, and Leaves

I love the look and feel of these bracelets and think they would make a great gift. I think my next project with this technique is going to be a leather wallet!

Happy Chip Arting!


  1. This is a really cute idea for some little Christmas gifts. Now all I have to do is go and buy the bands.

  2. Looks awesome - i should try this!

  3. Hi Juliana!

    Melody is such a great teacher! We made these leather bracelets at the October Brave Girls Camp!

    Check out the photo on her blog!


    So fun!

  4. So very cool! I had not seen the bracelets that Melody made but they look really cool!!!