what can you do with tissue paper?

Hello, hello! It's me Heidi V. again!
Ya know, I've had several comments made to me that my Chip Art projects resembled stamped leather, and that got me thinking, why not really make them look like leather? This is what I came up with.
And here's how I accomplished it...

First off you will need all your standard Chip Art supplies: chipboard, mallot, stamps, paints, Modge Podge or something similar, plus tissue paper...preferably recycled and well crumpled :)

1. moisten your chipboard.

2. While the chipboard is still wet, apply a generous layer of acrylic paint. (for a leather look, a light tan is a good base)
3. Tear off a piece of tissue paper that is large enough to cover the chipboard. (make sure it is good and crumpled)
4. While the paint is still wet, press the tissue into it.
5. Immediately stamp your image over the top of the tissue...
...like this.
6. Allow to dry completely (or help it along with a heat gun) and tear of the excess tissue paper.
7. (optional) If there are any areas you wanted painted a different color, now's the time to do it.
8. Generously apply a mixture of medium brown paint and Modge Podge and wipe of excess right away.
9. Allow that layer to dry completely and then repeat using a mixture of dark brown and Modge Podge.
10. Allow piece to dry (again using a heat gun to help things along is totally fine) and you're good to go!
To further emphasize the look of leather, I decided to pierce and then hand stitch my chipboard before adding to my card. I love that is has sort of a western look...like a jeans label. I am SO going to make some masculine cards with this technique!

I mixed papers from the Artsy Urban, Lydia, and Smoothie Shoppe collections to create the warm fall palette here.
Although I create this technique to mimic leather I discovered that by changing the colors up I created something that looks a bit like stone and was perfect for making a Halloween card.

Yes, that's a twig from my yard...I've been known to use stuff like that now and then :) I also used papers from the Artsy Urban and Lydia collections.

I would love to see you give this a try!


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