She's Emboss-AY

Good Morning!
It is my turn for a technique post today. Here, I utilized :
- embossing pad
- embossing powder (CLEAR)
- heat gun
- precision scissors
- corrugated board

The embossing powder gives the cut out motif extra texture and the corrugated board helps to bring life to the motif by adding dimensions.

1) The rose cluster on my layout was cut out from GCD Studio's Ella Blue (#99 Savannah)Using a precision scissors, I cut the cluster as close to the edge as possible.

2) Pour clear embossing powder generously over the rose cluster; making sure it is covered completely.

3) Shake off excess. Use heat gun to crystallise embossing powder.

4)When the embossing powder has set, turn the cluster over and apply adhesive and attach corrugated board.

The hidden corrugated board gives the rose cluster extra height and creates a 3D effect. It is a great way to use up those extra boards lying around !



  1. Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not embossed in so long....so now I am inspired to break out the embossing powder!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. It looks sugar coated. :) I need to get a better embossing ink. I made the mistake of getting a cheap pad and it won't hold the power. Live and learn.

  3. This is really pretty! I love embossing with clear powder. It brings out the color of the item so well!