Fun Tips For Halloween

Halloween seems to be one of those days... where you run around a lot. Trying to get everyone ready for the night... sometimes leaves you with photos that are too dark and often not usable for scrapping.
Heidi's tips:

Every year... a few days before Halloween comes, I have a check list of photos I want and here they are

1) Costumes hanging up around Halloween decor
2) The sunsetting
3) Halloween treats in a big bowl
4) Buckets my boys will use.
5) Them holding the buckets in their little hands
6) House Decorations
7) My boys in their costumes together with good lighting
8) Picking out our pumpkins
9) Carving pumpkins
10) light the pumpkins and setting them out
11) Getting my boys dressed in their costumes
12) Town decor
13) Halloween treats and baking
14) School and town parade
15) All things that are orange

I do this because... it will guarantee good photos that are not rushed and over posed on Halloween.

Next week I'll share more ideas for Halloween.


  1. What a great idea to share that list with us...you are right, it is so easy to forget the things that we really want to preserve.

    And that tree is beautiful with that sunset. I am in love with bare tree stamps and that's just the perfect tree...I need THAT stamp!

  2. love those costumes hanging with the punkins :D

  3. Wow - wonderful idea. Good list - and GREAT photos. Wish I could be that organized *sigh*..maybe next year!

  4. Hi. Great idea to make this list. Actually, when I'm thinking about having photos which would preserve nice moments during Halloween, I don't have them in the amount I would like to have. I'll try to make my own list, but yours seems as a good inspiration. Thanks.

    Take care,

  5. Wow - you are organized - thanks for the ideas.