Lets see those Costumes

I love seeing little ones in costumes! LOVE IT!

So here are 3 layouts created by our DT gals
1) Match the title with the photos
- as you can see Brenda, did just that. She titled her fun photos... "Pumpkin Heads" and by the way... aren't these just the funniest photos ever?! lol I love these photos!
2) A pop of color!
- black is a perfect Halloween color! In this layout Estee used a fun pop of color, along with glitter to make her layout have a fun finished look!
3) Share the moment
- in this very cute layout... Nancy used more than one photo to show how the day and "costume" worked out. Sometimes kids "hate their costumes"! Sometimes they love them! Remember to share the memories! It will make for a good laugh, later in life :)

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