Be Brave & Mix Different Pattern Papers

We are very lucky to have the beautiful and talented... Krista R on our DT. Over this past few months, I've noticed something cool about her cards and style. This girl loves Pattern Paper and she loves to mix different pattern papers together for projects.
You would think... "mixing pattern papers" would be a crazy mess, but Krista shows us it can be done beautifully.
Notice how she mixes a stripe with a floral? This is an easy way to create the look.

The true trick to this simple technique, is staying in the same color palette. As long as the patterns have the same colors, it will work. Here are 3 pattern papers that have a soft blue and bright yellow. Do you see how different the patterns are, but because the colors are the same, they end up working?

What ever your style might be, this is an easy look to create for "simple gals" or "paper piecing gals". It gives you a big "pow" to a layout/card and it doesn't cost a lot of $$$.

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