Create Texture With Stitching

A great way to add texture to a layout... is by stitching on it.

Nancy... did just that. With a simple stitch from her sewing machine, she added texture in her title block and framed out her layout.

Beatriz, also added stitching to her beautiful card and hand sewed on her buttons.

How often do you pull out a sewing machine for paper crafting?


  1. oh I wish I would use it more than I usually do, maybe once a month i take it out lol ;)

  2. love my machine!!!! great examples with the sewing too!!!

  3. i love sewing on my pages/cards, i prolly dont do it often enough

  4. I wish I had a sewing machine. I do however hand stitch on my los here lately.

  5. Great examples!!

    I use a machine A LOT! I think it adds so much character to a project.

  6. Hi! I would love to follow your blog, but your Follow Me button isn't working! Unless I'm crazy and don't know how to do it...which is very possible...

  7. Hey Jenny,
    Sometimes google has issue with their products and maybe that's why it's not working. Try again in a few days and it should work :)