Tutorial by Nancy

Nancy our DT gal wrote:

I’ve been using the Colette Collection a lot lately.... I LOVE it! It’s got amazing black and white prints with a shimmery metallic solid on the other side. They are so versatile and pretty. I wanted to jazz up the black and white color combo, so I got out my watercolor paints and started experimenting. Here’s how you can do the same!

1. It’s important that you use GCD Studios paper. I’m not saying this because I’m “supposed” to! :) It truly is the only patterned paper I know of that has enough flexibility and texture to not curl up when it’s damp. Plus, unlike most patterned paper, the ink on GCD Studios paper won’t run when it’s wet. So select your favorite black and white paper...I used this pretty lace one:

2. I use simple, cheap watercolor paints, from Prang. You could even borrow your kid’s Crayola paint set—they work great for this! Moisten your brush with water, and start spreading paint on the paper. I like to mix two colors for a cool blended look. Don’t worry if the paper "bubbles" a little... when you adhere it down, it will flatten out.
3. Cover as much of the paper as you want with paint.

4. Let the paper dry, then trim the painted section and adhere to cardstock. I made a little extra so I could put a punched circle on my envelope.

Wasn’t that easy? Think of all the ways you can alter your GCD Studios paper! Don’t forget the Paris Nights collection is black and white, too... perfect for customizing to match any color scheme!