Celebrate the 4th!

RED...WHITE... and BLUE... is the way to go!
I'm so excited, that in just a few days it will be the 4th of July. I love everything about this holiday and what it brings.

As you sit down and relax, chowing down on some yummy baked goodies, remember this... DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA! This is the perfect holiday to get photos of loved ones, practice your photograph (while the fireworks are going off) and so much more.

Here are a few photography ideas:

My family has a lot of kids in it. 17 nieces and nephews to be exact! While they play, try and find new ways to snap a shot of them. I took this photo while they played Red Rover.
How about those baked goods?! People spend so much time making them and once they are eaten... they are forgotten! I took this photo to help remember the yumminess and cute decorations.

When the sun sets and the fireworks start, switch your camera settings, to a night time setting with a slower shutter. This will allow you to capture every move of the fireworks.

Once you have so many great photos, you'll have plenty to scrap! Here is a layout I created using our Carnival Ride collection.

Any chance I get... I love to add starts. I used some pop dots to make them look 3D.
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