make some ornaments out of paper

For my project this month, I decided to make some ornaments out of paper. I used these gorgeous papers from the Christmas Sleigh Collection...and I WISH you could see and feel the texture and shimmery goodness, so beautiful! Perfect for my ornaments! I really like them in this dish to use as a centerpiece on my table but now I need to make some more to hang from my tree :-)

Here is close up:

Want to make one? It is not as hard as it looks but grab a coffee and I'll go through each step with you!

First gather your supplies: You will need paper, glue, and a punch (if you have a 1" or 2" circle punch this will make it soooo much easier...I used a coluzzle which took a bit more work). So go ahead and and make your "template" circle out of cardstock.

Fold your circle into a triangle shape by folding in three sides to the middle.

Go ahead now and punch out 20 of these circles from your patterned paper.

Use your "template" circle to help you fold all of your circles so they are all folded the same.

Now that they are all folded, we can start to adhere them together.

Glue five of them side by side until you make a "hat".

Make three of these "hats" and leave the other ones for now.

Next, glue two of these hats together on one side.

Now take a single piece and adhere it to where you see the open triangle space in the photo above.

Next, ahere another "hat" directly below where you just adhered the single piece. The hat will can be adhered on three sides. To fit in the spot shown in the photo above.

Ok, if you are still with me it should look like the photo above. See how there are three triangle spots? This is where you will adhere three more of the single pieces.

Alright, now there is just one piece left to adhere!

Congratulations! You are now done! Happy creating!!!