seasonal frame

Hi there! Kristen here with a sweet and thoughtful Christmas gift for those family members who don't 'need' gifts. My girls grandparents have all passed away, but I think this would have been a perfect gift for them. They never 'needed' gifts, but we all still would want them to know that they are cherished, so to me, this handmade frame with photo of my youngest would have been a really lovely gift. After all, what Grandma wouldn't love a beautifully framed print of their little sweet ones?
Another plus is that this frame can sit out long after Christmas is gone, because it's really more winter themed, with a touch of Christmas colors.

What I did was to take a simple 4x6 frame with stand, and I painted the outside of it white, then I used liquid glue to adhere a block of Stocking Stripe, and another block of Happy Christmas to the frame. I cut out around the insert, having removed the glass, and I sanded the paper around all the edges. I added glue and clear glitter to the edges of the frame and let it dry overnight.

Next, I cut two balls of styrofoam in half, then adhered them to my frame with hot glue. I painted them with white acrylic paint, as well as several stars and chipboard houses from the ChipArt chipboard packs. And I let them dry. When dry, I debossed the stars with an Iron Works stamp in the centers, which looks like a snowflake. Then I outlined them with clear glitter and glue. When dry I added them around my frame.

I also covered the back of the one house with cutouts, with a small scrap of paper, then glittered these houses as well and let them dry. I layered them on the right side of the frame, building up my hot glue then adding the topmost house. I also added my snowman at this point. I cut a scrap of felt for his scarf, topping it with a button and twine. I folded a small scrap of paper for his hat, adding some tinsel ribbon at the brim and top for a little fun flair. His face is made with a sharpie marker for his eyes and mouth, and I cut the tip off of another star and sprayed it with orange mister to make his carrot nose. I colored his cheeks with some pink chalk.

Lastly, I looped some sheer ribbon, adding some pearl berry stems to both sides of the frame. and hot glued them all in place. I added a couple small pieces of tinsel ribbon as well. Then topped the whole thing with a red button topped with this Artsy Urban Vintage Rose Button.

thanks for taking a look at my home decor frame, I hope it inspires you to find the perfect gift for your loved ones.