packaging... that makes it even MORE special!

We love to receive presents. Especially when the presents come packaged in a pretty packaging, that makes it even MORE special!

This Star-shaped paper mache box has been decorated with GCD Studios' Christmas paper Collection. The papers from GCD Studios Joyful Peace Paper collection is a perfect fit for the kraft box. The shabby chic beauty of the paper brings nostalgic memories!

I made use of mica flakes, pipe cleaner, glitter, music script and paper doiley
to add texture and visual appeal.

The unique shapes of these paper mache boxes (found in most craft stores) are not only a great platform for you to personalize the decorations, it can also be re-used by the recipient.

Do give a hand at it this Christmas !


  1. I'm lazy and have only bought a small, square box to try doing this with. There's so many things to make before Christmas!

  2. This is so wonderful! Thank-you for the inspiration.