Baby Mobile

This is one project that I have been meaning to do for quite awhile. When we bought our sweet lil girl's bedding (she is 6 months ), I never found a cute mobile that I liked. I thought I can just make one later. The colors of her bedding are green, brown, cream and a pop of aqua blue. I knew the Bonjour collection was perfect to create her own baby mobile for her crib.
So here is the baby mobile that I created for her room:

 It was really fairly easy to do, once I got all my supplies together. I pulled the papers I was going to use and then grabbed some other crafting supplies for the project. The wooden holder is actually the top of a birdhouse that I found at the crafting store, but I just used the top portion of it.
Next, I cut out all my circles and lined them up and added the stretchy cord down center of the circles. I glued them down to secure them onto the stretchy cord.
Next I took the hot glue gun and made large blobs of hot glue and placed the strips of stretchy cord with the circles and placed one on each corner of the wooden house top. I wanted to use alot of glue to make sure they were secure, and nothing came loose and fell on my lil sweetheart. I even added a butterfly to the center to give her something to focus on from her angle.
 Then I finished off the project with randomly adding several butterflies that I either punched out or cut out. I also added some stars with red and pink, to just add a bit of contrast to the project. Normally I would add bling, but I stayed away from using smaller pieces that may come loose, and I wanted to avoid any chocking hazards possible.
And waaahhhh-laaa.. Here's the finished project from her perspective:
This is something that could not only be used for a baby crib, but as an accent in any child's room.

Paper- Bonjour Collection: Conjour, Cafe Mosaic, Les Fleurs, Ooh La La, Butterfly Flutter.
Paper- Country Charm: Super Star

Other Supplies: wooden lid from birdhouse, jewelry stretchy cord, paint, glue gun with hot glue, pop dots, butterfly and star punches.


  1. I love this idea Wendi...beautiful!

  2. Cute project, I just love butterflies!

  3. I just saw this on Wendi's blog!! I just loveeeeeeeee it so much!!!!!!