Crafty KIDS Week: Ring Toss

Hello!  Tegan here and I am glad you could join us for some ring toss fun today!  I painted the inside of plastic bottles and covered the outsides with paper from the Sweet Tooth collection and~ Wow!!  Instant cuteness!  Take a look...

                                                     I love how they just scream SUMMER!!

To make the ring toss bottles-
1.  Start by adding about 1 to 1-1/2 teaspoons of water to a 2 oz. bottle of enamel craft paint.  Acrylic works too, but the enamel seemed to work a bit better for me. 
2. Shake the paint bottle well and squirt about half the paint into your empty ring toss bottle.
3. Cover the top of the ring toss bottle and shake very well so that the paint covers the entire inside of the bottle.
4. I had to reshake the bottles a few times over the course of a day or two because some sections of the original paint did not stick.  But not a big deal~ I think the extra effort was well worth it!
5. Once it seems like the insides of the bottle are well coated, turn bottle upside down so that the excess paint runs out and the remaining paint dries.
6. Decorate your bottles using the Sweet Tooth collection.

                                    And since you can't have a ring toss game without the rings...
I bought some wooden embroidery hoops at the craft store. I picked out ones that were slightly wider than the base of the bottles that I painted.  I only used the inside portion of the embroidery hoop~ I painted them and then covered them with paper...  Super easy and super cute.    Have a great day!

GCD Studios Papers:  Sweet Tooth, Peppermint Plaid (1558) - Sweet Tooth, Chocolate Kisses (1554) - Sweet Tooth, Sprinkles (1560) - Sweet Tooth, Sour Cherry (1559)

Tegan Skwiat GCD Studios DT, 2012 GCD Studios Layout Gal


  1. I love it..

    Thanks for the tip.


  2. OMYGOODNESS!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee this!!! I am so pinning this! I am coming up with ideas for my daughters birthday party!!!!!

  3. What a creative idea! You really nailed this one!