Crafty Kids Week: Finger Puppets

With my boys out of school for the summer, keeping them occupied can be a challenge. Luckily, my kiddos like to get crafty with me, so I planned this simple craft activity for an afternoon and it was a hit:

Monster Finger Puppets! Using all the papers in the Flower Child collection, my son Colten and I made these simple paper puppets.

To recreate your own, see the following directions or check out the video Colten and I made.

1. Trim a piece of patterned paper to 2.5" by 6" and fold in half.
2. Cut a half oval from the paper, starting opposite the fold. You should end up with two identical pieces.
3. Add glue to the edge of one piece.
4. Add pieces of yarn (hair) to the top of the glued half oval.
5. Adhere the other half oval to the first.
6. Add googly eyes and draw a mouth or other details.
7. Allow to dry completely, then play!

Have fun!

Supplies Used: Flower Child collection by GCD Studios; googly eyes; yarn; glue; scissors; Sharpie marker.