Oh So Fun Week: Doll House

Amanda here with a fun project for you today!  Both of my kids love LEGO blocks so I thought it would be fun to build paper dollhouses for them to use while they are playing.   Since these houses were to be for my kids, I let them choose the papers for the outside and inside of the house.  The rest of the craftiness was left up to mom, otherwise, who knows what would have happened? 
At first glance, these dollhouses are fairly unassuming...but only until you look inside.

HIYA!  This ninja safe house goes unnoticed among their neighbors in the 'burbs. 

To make the roof tiles, cut 1 1/4" wide strips of paper and cut small wedges approx 3/4" apart.   Layer tile strips to the roof starting at the bottom.

I made little window boxes with spy cameras, uh, I mean, flowers. 

Ninjas appreciate nice woodgrain floors.  They also like coordinating woodgrain trim.  (Letter Tiles 1680, Splendor Collection)

Even ninjas have to sleep.  Like many ninjas, their weapons are never far from hand.  The mattresses are actually rolled up Kleenex.  

To make a doorknob, use wire snips to cut off the ends of brads, then adhere brads to each side of the door.

This is the LEGO family.  They are completely unaware that their neighbors are ninjas. 

Make a vent by layering strips of paper under a scallop punch. 

Robot LEGO boy is asleep in his very feminine room, complete with two beds and an oversized chair.  Use a border punch to make pretty curtains.

Mr. and Mrs. LEGO stay up and watch their new flat screen TV.   (Couch and TV construction by my 5 y.o. daughter).

The one toy my 5 y.o. daughter and 8 y.o. son agree on is LEGO.  My kids have had their houses for a few weeks now and they LOVE them!  They have been playing with them non-stop.  The Ninjas and the LEGO family have dinner together and have even started a garden.

May a few hours spent on a paper dollhouse bring your house as much unity and joy!  :)

Splendor Collection: Zig Zag 1687, Pink Flora 1682, Navy Flora 1681, Candytuft 1676, Letter Tiles 1680, Heirloom 1678; Sweet Tooth Collection: Sprinkles 1560, Cherry Cordial 1553, Sweet Tart 1562, Bubblegum 1552; Oh Happy Day Collection: Mira's Pearls 1764; Country Charm Collection: Picnic Blanket 1509; white cardstock (Georgia-Pacific), border punches (Fiskars), scallop and circle punches (EK Success), brads (American Crafts), dollhouse bed cutting file (Jennifer Wambach at Silhouette America), dollhouse chair cutting file (Jennifer Wambach at Silhouette America), dollhouse cutting file (A Little Hut at Silhouette America), quilters pins, resin flowers (Memory Makers), reindeer moss


  1. Love this, your whole post is too cute.

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  3. Amanda, this is simply AMAZING!!! Love your funny post! :)

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  5. wow Amanda, your talent blows me away with this one!!

  6. Amanda this is just adorable!! I want one. LOL

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