Celebrate Week: Wrapped It Cute

Hi again everyone! It's Tegan here with a little gift giving inspiration.  Ok so maybe a lot of gift giving inspiration! I have 2 sisters that had birthdays in the last month so I was on a roll decorating gifts...  And the great thing about these gifts is that they could be used for little girls or adult friends because they are pretty universal~   everyone likes butterflies in the summer right?

                                                                           And the top

For the top, I wanted a big flower where the butterflies could "rest".  So I created a flower out of tissue paper.  They are super easy and fun to make! 

To make the flowers~
1. First you need about 8 layers of tissue paper sized 5"x6" and a pipe cleaner. Or thin ribbon will work too.
2. Accordian pleat the tissue paper stack in 1" increments and secure it in the middle with pipe cleaner or ribbon. Trim both ends of tissue paper so they are rounded.
3. Starting with the top layer, carefully pull the tissue paper up and in to form the petals.
4. And just like that you have your flower!

 I also needed something to hold a gift card so I made this coordinating craft.  I found this little wooden gift bag in the bare wood section of my local craft store.  It was perfect! 

Thanks again for joining us today!     If you would like to see one more wooden gift bag that I decorated, please visit my blog here.  Have a great day!

 GCD Supplies: Bonjour, Nice (1539) - Bonjour, Les Fleurs (1538) - Bonjour, Butterfly Flutter (1536) - Bonjour, Au Revoir (1533) - Sweet Tooth, Bubblegum (1552)

Tegan Skwiat GCD Studios DT, 2012 GCD Studios Layout Gal


  1. These are absolutely GORGEOUS!! I loveeeeeeeeeeee the colors and the butterflies!!

  2. These are gorgeous. I love how you used the tissue paper!

  3. So pretty! The butterflies and the flowers are so perfect!

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