Oh So Fun Week: Board Games

My boys love board games, but they tend to get tired of them quickly. I decided to make a board game of my own, one where they could be in control of how the game was played, and one that they would be entertained by for quite some time.

Introducing, "I Dare You". I created a simple board layout by adhering 12x12 cardstock to a chipboard base. Next, I created spaces by adding patterned paper triangles. The patterns you see here all come from the Oh Happy Day line. Next, I made cardstock cards for three categories: Eat It, Do It, Make It. I had my boys write dares on the cards. For example, in the "Do It" category, one wrote: "Drop an ice cube down your shirt and keep it there for 20 seconds." In the "Make It" category, one wrote: "Make a spaceship out of Legos in 45 seconds." I'll spare you examples from the "Eat It" category - they got a little gross :).

To play, the boys take turns rolling a die and traveling around the board. If they land on a yellow triangle, they play a yellow card, and the same for orange and green. If they complete the dare, they stay on that triangle. If they don't complete the dare, they move back the number of triangles they had advanced. The first one back home wins.

Every time the boys play, they like to mix in new cards and new crazy dares. I like to throw in some dares, too, like, "Make your bed in under a minute." Ha, I know, not crazy, but a mom has to get creative sometimes, right?

If you are looking for an afternoon of fun, give a homemade board game a try. And don't forget to pull out those GCD Studios papers to make it happen.

Supplies Used: Abbie's Sunshine #1769, Oh Happy Day Collection; Hailey #1767, Oh Happy Day Collection; Chloe #1766, Oh Happy Day Collection; chipboard; mists, Tattered Angels; cardstock, Bazzill and Georgia-Pacific.

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