Celebrate Week: Do you like my Party Hat?

It's "Celebrate Week" here on the GCD Studios blog, and to add to the fun, I made this cute little party hat!

Even though my daughter's birthday is still 4 months away, she has already started planning her party after seeing this sweet little hat.

This was very easy to make with just a piece of 12x12 paper, and a few scraps for accents. I rolled the paper into a cone shape and hot glued at the seam. I trimmed a bit of the paper from the bottom edge so it would sit level, then added the pretty maribou feather trim. I punched the scallops, then added the number 4. I also hot glued two thin pieces of ribbon to tie it onto her head easily.
There are so many beautiful papers by GCD Studios, I think I'll make a hat for all her little friends to wear at the party too!

Thanks for stopping by the GCD Studios blog for Celebrate Week!


  1. Toooooooooooooooo cute cute cute!! The hat and your daughter!! LOVING this!!!

  2. Mary Ann...that hat is so adorable, but your daughter is the highlight of this post! She is so cute!