yep... I used a cup

Hi all! One of the things I loved doing when I paper craft is to mix my scrapbook supplies with items I can find in my home. Today, I am going to show you a fun way to make circles with paper from GCD Studios' Splendor collection , paint and a small glass! You are going to need:
  • A small drinking glass (a,votive cup or some other object with a circle ring works well, too!)
  • Craft paint
  • Patterned paper from GCD Studios (of course!)
  • Scratch paper

 Start by squirting some paint on an old tray (or plate) or scratch paper.
 Set the rim of a glass in the paint. Twist the glass to make sure the rim is fully covered with paint.
 You want it to look like this.
 Press the rim onto your patterned paper.
 Be sure to press hard so you get a nice painted circle like this.
 When finished, cut your circle out and use it as a design element on your next paper crafting project! All four of the circles on this card were made with my painted circle technique.
 Rather than cutting them with scissors, I was able to use a circle punch.
The circles here were also created with this technique.
 To give the yellow and blue ones more visual interest, I set a wooden button in the middle of the circles. I then covered the top of each button with additional paper from the Splendor collection.
so fun! See you again soon!

  Teri mug