A fun Tape Technique

I am a list maker, I love the whole writing down things that need to be done, then crossing them off one by one.

It fills me with such a sense of accomplishment to look down at a list that is close to being finished, I can say- look how much I've gotten done!

And true to my listmaker heart- I love pretty books filled with nothing but lined blank paper just waiting for me to write a list on each wonderfully empty blank page. So I am sharing a pretty little notebook I have made for myself and my listmaking habits!

Of course, I love sharing fun techniques, so I want to share this masking tape technique with you. It's a fun and easy way to dress up your plain chipboard shapes.

First I took this gcd studios oval chipboard, and covered it with torn bits of masking tape. Layer as much as you'd like, I tore off the straight edges so that there weren't any telltale spots of flat.

Then I got my ChipArt Tools out, and debossed this bird chipboard shape with my Vintage Floral stamp. I actually painted the bird first, then debossed it, and added blue highlights with a Sharpie Pen.

When I was finished taping the whole chipboard tag, I inked it well with some dye based lime green ink. I also inked my bird, and ran extra paper towel over both to absorb extra ink.
I then used Ava collection papers to cover the front of the book,
adding in a scalloped piece on the cover, then cutting a rectangle, rounding the corners and matting with a mini scallop, along with a strip of Artsy Urban Postcard paper. I added my chipboard oval, then adhered my chipboard bird to that.

I fancied the bird up a bit, with some yellow pearls and a small flower. I added white buttons and another flower, plus ruffled another strip of paper and adhered that to the front of the book.

I hope you like my notebook!

Have a terrific day!


  1. Awesome technique! I am definately going to have to try this one out! :)

  2. Perfectly lovely! LOVE the technique!

  3. What an amazing project and technique!

  4. Wow this is gorgeous, great job. I love your note book. Great technique.

  5. I am loving this new found chip art. Love the project and was in need of a new note book. Thanks for sharing

  6. Thanks for the inspiration! Love the texture you created with the masking tape

  7. Very cool technique Kris! Love it!

  8. wow -made my eyes pop right out - off to do the same!!!

  9. Veddy, veddy, veddy cool, Kris! You always amaze me.