ONE BIG GIVE AWAY CONTEST (chipart tool) + Welcome our....

August Guest Design Artist:
Stephanie Poullin
I am Stephanie Poullin, 32 years old. I am French, and I live in Montreal, Canada.
I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, a legal counsel, a diet coke addict, a traveller, a sweet tooth, and a jogger (no, I am kidding, I just wish I were !!),
I live a (most of the time) wonderful life full of adventures and projects.
I started scrapbooking in 2006 when I came back from a wonderful trip in Japan. I have never stopped scrapbooking since then.
My style ? I love playing with colors and and give a particular attention to little details. Plus, I love sewing, painting, paper piecing ...
To put in a nutshell, I love having fun !

I have been a big contributor to a French scrapbooking magazine for almost 3 years.
I have also been published in the 2nd volume of an idea book called "scrapbook Inspirations".
I am one of the co-organizer and teacher of the biggest scrapbooking convention in France : the Paper & co Show. We are preparing our 4th edition that will take place in November near Paris, France !http://www.paperandcoshow.com/en

Last but not least, I would like to say that I am very honored to be August guest designer for GCD studio.
The products are amazing, the colors so vibrant, and the people so so nice ;-)
Thank you GCD Studio !!
Now, no more babbling !!!
Let's have fun together in August ! Summer is not over yet !

Oh, yes, you are invited to my blog !!! http://lifeandpaperaddict.blogspot.com

Isn't Steph the cutest thing ever?!
I love that card!

It's been a while when we last did a BIG give away, so this month we are doing a
BIG O'l Chipart tool Give away/contest.

Here is how you enter:
  1. Simple Make a layout about your home/town (this theme is inspired by our DT's theme this month)
  2. Send it to HSonboul@gcdstudios.com by Aug 29th no later then 12PM PST
  3. You must use at least 20% GCD Studios, Which means 1 or two papers or a few embellies :)
Then I will pick the top 5 layouts and post a pull here on our blog. The person with the most votes will win this:

The Chipart Tool, metal stamps, cute chipboard, paint brushes and much more
(as seen in photo)
This prize is worth more than $150.00

Good luck ladies and don't forget to sign up for our monthly news letter. This months issue is going out in 3 more days. Simple email Inthestudio@gcdstudios.com and say "I want to be signed up for the news letter"

Have a happy Monday!


  1. Adorable card! The contest sounds like fun! Thanks for the opportunity to participate!

  2. Sweet card!!

    Oohhh...sounds like a fun contest!!!

  3. cute card! Great contest... I'll have to think this one over and get scrappin!!

  4. Welcome Stephanie! What an awesome card and giveaway!

  5. thank you girls, glad you like it !!

  6. WOW!!!! Fantastic giveaway!!!

  7. Stéf, you ROCK !
    Great giveaway btw !

  8. looks like fun :)

    that card is total cuteness!

  9. Welcome, Stephanie. I look forward to seeing your work. Does French, or Canadian, scrapbooking have a different look than American? The French have such a long cultural history to draw on, and you're surrounded by it when you travel around France. Just wondering if it influences French artists today.

  10. Don't we just love contests!!! Fun!!! Thanks Heidi. Now Stephanie - how cool is that that you are going to France? Just awesome - can't wait to see what you scrap from your adventures!