Using Gesso

Good Morning !

This month, let's get inspired by this picture montage.
and the theme this month ? Get around my town and show you blog readers a little about my country Singapore ...

If you ever plan on having a holiday where it is perenially hot (sans occassional monsoon), Singapore could be a right destination :) You can read how diverse in culture and activities HERE. There are constantly new ideas to promote Singapore as a vacation-worthy place. Recently, our First Downtown reservoir was build in the heart of the city
and our family was pretty excited to visit this urbanised water catchment area.

and in honor of our trip to the Marina Barrage, a layout was created.

I love to create with pattern papers with busy designs and here on my layout, i made use of several pieces (from GCD Studio Artsy Urban) with wonderful details. Bearing in mind my pictures should speak "louder" than my papers, I toned down the colors and overall look of the pattern paper (Green) by applying Gesso. This dilute the background and made it look less busy.

Mediums work wonders most of the time .
Have a Great Day !


  1. I am unable to see any of the photos in this post as well as the last :O(

  2. me too cant see photos in this and the post before

  3. Cannot see the photos, BUT I have been to Singapore several times while stationed in Japan and you are so right .. it is beautiful. I also did not chew gum LOL.