Summer in Montana is really amazing

Hi everyone!! This month, we are featuring our hometowns for you!! The inspiration photo that we were given is really fun and fabulous...check it out!

So...it has been a REALLY long time since I scrapbooked. Seriously...its been ages. So, I panicked a little when we were given a scrapbooking assignment. Me- the girl who has converted to just card making. But then I gave myself a fake slap in the face and reminded myself that I used to scrapbook all the time!! I can do this!! And this is what I came up with:

I used a compilation of fun summer photos from some of the things we do here in the summer. My journaling really says it all. I hate winter. Sure...it is novel for a bit. When you get that first snow, and the beauty blankets the fields. It is great when you are watching it fall softly as you look out the window, past your Christmas tree. But, when MAY rolls around and it is still coming down....you decide that you actually hate winter.

But, summer (and fall!) here really does make up for the winter....totally and completely. Summer in Montana is really amazing, and I would invite anyone to take a vacation here during these months. It is really a fabulous time.

I hope that you liked a little peek into my summer hometown!

Until later,
~Lea L.


  1. Love the big butterfly and how you placed it! Looks great!

  2. Gorgeous! LOVE the butterflies.

  3. Gorgeous LO! I have spent soooo much time in Montana mostly in the summer and it is a pretty fabulous place!

  4. I love the layout. And I'm a Billings native...so I know what you are talking about!

  5. Thank you for helping ME scrap a layout about Montana. Your's is beautiful!! My DH and I lived just south of Missoula for 15 years...so I too know what winter is like there, and you are absolutely right! I'm planning an entire album about Montana..and this page is my inspiration! TFS!!!

  6. Gorgeous! Love how you used that huge butterfly! Genius!