Finger puppets :)

Hi there!

I have a fun tutorial to share today, that I think you might enjoy...or at least your kids/nieces, nephews will :)

Paper crafted finger puppets!

8-11 tut trio

Aren't they cute? I gotta tell you I had to take pictures of these in a big old hurry because my boys could not wait to get their hands (or fingers) on them!

This tutorial is specifically for the lion, but you can easily convert it to make both the tiger and zebra.

1. Start out with a Chip Art chipboard button, you could probably use a small chipboard circle as well.

2. Decorate what will become the face with Chip Art tools, I used the diamond and heart from the mini shapes set.

3 Paint the face as desired.

4. Add a 50/50 brown paint and Modge Podge mix and wipe off the excess.

5. Adhere the face to a piece of patterned paper, sketch some ears and cut out.

6. You could use any number of things for the eyes, I chose to use glass seed beads, sinking them into the button holes and adhering with glue.

7. For the mane you need to start by cutting small strips of paper, approximately 1/4" by 1 1/2".

8. Fold the strip of paper in half loosely and adhere the ends together. (Please ignore my chipped nail polish grubby garden fingers, lol!)

9. Adhere around the lion's head.

10. Punch a circle shape from patterned paper and adhere to the back of the lion's head.

11. Using the template I've provided at the bottom of this post, cut a piece of patterned paper.

12. Roll into a cone and adhere the ends together.

13. Glue your cone, with the seam to the back to the back of the lion's head.

All done!
8-11 tut 15

Stick with just the lion or make him a couple of friends like I did!

8-11 tut trio2

My 7 year old was more than willing to model these for me, they fit on his little fingers perfectly!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, I had so much fun making it!

GCD Studios Supplies:
Chip Art Mini Shapes set
Chip Art chipboard Shapes: Buttons & Buckles
Chip Art chipboard Shapes: Basic Shapes-Small
Patterned Paper:
She Seeks from the Soul Food Collection
Soul Petit-Orange from the Soul Food Collection
Soulfield from the Soul Food Collection
Soul Vine from the Soul Food Collection
Other Supplies:
Paints: Plaid
Beads: Westrim Crafts



  1. OMGoodness! These are too cute!!!!!!

  2. These are pretty much the cutest thing EVER! LOVE them so much!

  3. Heidi these are amazing girlie and pretty quick and easy to do as well! Kids will love them!!!!

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhhh I am in LOVE with these!!! What an awesome idea! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. These are too stinking cute! The faces could also be used in wall hangings and tag decorations too!