Ring Ring..Color Inspiration

Hello there! Clare here, and today I'm gonna talk to ya a bit about the ending of this gorgeous summer and the entrance of a new (and beautiful here in Pennsylvania!) season.
When I think of these last days of summer, I don't muse over the lovely days we've had - I get right to work preparing for fall!
With this inspiration in mind...

....I set out to do just that!
My sister will be going back to college for her sophomore year, and I prepared a little stationary set for her as a gift.
I left the cards without a sentiment so she can use them for almost any occasion - remember, cards don't always have to have a sentiment and those blanks ones can be pretty handy at time!
The gray paper I used here reminded me of those sweaters we'll be wearing here once the fall sets in! Brr! And then some brown for those bare trees!

And some yummy paper from Animal Crackers for boys to capture the sweetness of those peaches {that won't be in season come fall! :( } in the inspiration photo.

Adorable buttons to top off the telephone images...

So when you say "last days of summer" to me, this is what you'll get - bits and pieces of fall to remind me of the school year looming ahead!
Thanks so much for reading and talk to you later!

Icon Dots
Trail Blazer
Buttons - Sweet Surrender

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  1. Loveeeeeeeeeeee this! Loving the color scheme and loveeeeeeeee the button! ! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)