Gold leaf Chip Art bird

Howdy folks!

Do you, by chance, remember the gold leaf Chip Art bird I created for the necklace I shared with you a while ago? If not, It looked a little something like this:

Today I'm gonna share how I did it.

To start you are going to need your Chip Art tools plus the following items:
1. Paint
2. Modge Podge or another glaze medium
3. Glue, preferable one that dries tacky such as Zig 2 Way
4. Gold Leaf (can be purchased from most craft stores)
5. Various brushes, including one with stiff bristles like a stencil brush

First we are going to recap on the stamping process.

1. Moisten your chipboard.

2. Stamp your design.

3. Paint your chipboard.

(and here's where we start the gold leafing)
4. Apply glue. I used my finger to lightly rub the glue on so it only got on the surface and not into any of the debossed areas.

5. Lay the chipboard, glue side down onto the gold leaf.

6. Tear off extra leaf and rub onto the chipboard surface.

7. Using a stiff, dry brush, go over the surface of the chipboard. The leafing that is not touching glue should come right off.

8. Apply a generous amount of brown paint and Modge Podge mixture.

9. Wipe off excess, leaving some in the debossed areas.


A tag like this one can make a really elegant embellishment for a card.

Perfect paired with some of the Ella Blue collection!

Or, of course, there is always the jewelry route.

I like the first one so much, I couldn't resist making another gold leaf bird.

Thanks a bunch and have a great day!