Try your hand at creating some jewelry!

Hi, everyone! This month's theme was jewelry. Handmade crafted jewelry is all the rage these days - I see so much of it in the online world, and I was excited to try my hand at it! I have never before crafted any sort of jewelry - so, these are my very feeble attempts :-)

I bought a silver link chain at Hobby Lobby and cut off two separate lengths to give a layered look - I've noticed that that seems to be a very popular look right now. For the "M" - I used one of the chipboard elements in the Chip Art Line and painted it first with gesso. After that dried, I then took the Chip Art Tool and "stamped" in some flowers all over it. Then, I took a paint dabber and dabbed it all over the top - smearing it just a little with my finger. After the paint had dried, I punched two holes in the top and then ran a small piece of sandpaper over the edges for a more distressed look. The very last thing I did was cover the entire "M" with Glossy Accents. This gave it a more dimensional, finished look.

I attached the "M" to the necklace and then took one of the brads from the "Homespun Chic" Collection by Melody Ross and attached it to the necklace at the point where all of the strands joined up.

I also tried my hand at creating a pair of earrings. This was a little more difficult to do in my opinion - but, I do really like the look of the wire criss-crossed all over the chipboard stars.

I hope this will inspire you to try your hand at creating some jewelry! The possibilities are endless! And you can use embellishments that you already have to create them!