I covered it with aluminum tape

Hi all!
Teri here, and I'm back yet again at the GCD Studios blog.
Heidi challenged us this month to make some kind of jewelry.
I came up with this necklace here.

What is pretty cool about this neckace is that the base of it is all Chipart chipboard. Ok, well, other than the ball chain. ;)
The oval is a piece of Chipart chipboard. I covered it with patterned paper from the Homespun Chic collection and sealed it up with Mod Podge.
The tag on top of it is chipboard, too. I covered it with aluminum tape I got at the hardware store. You can similar tape in the Electrical department.
Then, I used the Chipart tool to spell "soar" on it and add a few flowers at the top. Once I did that, I lathered on a coat of pink paint and Mod podge. Once dry, I sanded it with a nail file to rough it up.
The bird is also chipboard. I used the Chipart tool to add a couple designs to it. I painted the bird pink, let it dry and then roughed it up with a nail file.
When finished, I poked a hole through the whole thing and hung it on a chain.
I think this would make a really fun pin, too. Instead of a chain, tie a ribbon to the top of it and glue a pin back on the back of it.
Thanks for stopping by the blog today.
I'll be back again soon!
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  1. Love the layering too, but what section of the hardware store did you find the tape? I checked our local store and they didn't have it, so my next try will be a big store like Lowes.